ana muenzner

Welcome! Quando o tema é a vida, o trabalho, o humano… ——– Bem-vinda(o)! When it is about life, work and humanity…


I was born in Brazil and have worked and lived between Germany and Zambia since 2009. My curiosity to discover new worlds and cultures brought me to these continents.
After my first professional experiences in Brazil, I went to Germany for my master studies, where a new life project started. After studying in Germany and being involved in some academic activities related to Germany and Brazil, I went to Zambia and worked on technical projects for GIZ. Trying to attend the needs appointed by the local organization, I started working with organizational and team development and, to my surprise, I discovered a new work area in which I could use my best potential.

Since 2012, I have been designing my new career path and experimenting in the field of change management and coaching. Currently I am living in Zambia, but have been traveling quite often exploring opportunities in this new field and taking the chance to prototype a lot!

My interest is to design processes to let people figure out on their own where they want to go, because it is my believe, that complex systems accept only their own solutions: People support best those things with open heart, mind and will, when they are part of creating them. Some questions I busy myself with:

What moves a person? A team? An Organization? Why some people/ some organization are able to inspire, while others are not? How to become an effective leader and inspire change?

Some approaches I use to promote change are: Systemic thinking, coaching and Presencing (Theory U).

My experience in intercultural contexts helped me to perceive cultural differences between people and to recognize the potential of diversity.

My particular strength is the diversity of my professional experiences in Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Another side of my work is promoting dialogue between different cultures, who are working together and operating in a fast growing global network.

My working languages are: Portuguese, English and German

One thought on “About

  1. I Ana, that the change indeed in your career direction. I think with the experience you had at DPPH, you will be able to do fine in the coaching people to make their organisations more efficiency etc. Wishing you all the best.

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