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Syncronicity – Event 2: What a meaningful coincidence! This is the piece of information I was looking for!

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Continuing with what happened before I met Kitty and the others who I mentioned in my last post: I went to town to certify a document from the university that I would need for a certain bureaucratic process. I thought I had brought from Germany all documents I would need here in Brazil but, specifically that one, I forgot. I called Steffen, my husband, who was by that time still in Germany, to ask him to scan it and send to me via email, what he immediately did. When I wanted to print it, I opened my email box to find the document and found myself suddenly talking on the phone while deleting a row of emails using “shift-del” and… oh no! Too late… In the same row I clicked unintended in the email with the document I most needed in that morning. It was irrevocably deleted. (This is the opposite of presence! – See previous post about presence and synchronicity). I called Steffen but he was not at home anymore and therefore unable to send the document to me again before noon. I went ahead with my plans for the day. Maybe I could go on with the process and hand over only that missing document later. But nothing turned out the way I wanted. At least nothing related to that bureaucratic process.

When things do not work out as I expect, I have a tendency to be upset. But this was not the case in that day.

As I was forced to change my plans for the day, I had more time until the meeting with Kitty and the others, and decided to look for a restaurant that would be new for me to try. I took my mobile phone and typed “vegetarian Curitiba”. Mobile internet is something that still impresses me. I am looking forward to the time my children will ask me “How was life possible before internet?” I found a list of restaurants nearby and decided to have a look at the “Super Vegetariano” which was just some blocks away. Something was strange about that place and I did not stay. I looked for another one. I decided to pick the next one on the list which was almost exactly where I was standing when I decided to go to the first restaurant. If I just had looked around more carefully, I would have noticed that I was already standing in front of the restaurant I was looking for! I went back there and the place convinced me immediately. What is this invisible manifestation of a place that makes it inviting or uninviting? What made me feel better in one place and not in the other? In the ladies room I suddenly met Celia, a good friend of my mom, who was there having lunch with her two daughters. We meet “by chance” looking at the mirror in the ladies room. We looked surprised at each other and she asked: “Ana? Are you already living in Curitiba? – Please come and meet my daughters.” We started chatting and eventually had lunch together. In that fantastic one hour we spent together I felt like being in a conversation that was planned for me to be in. The girls, hopefully new friends I have gained now, provided me with some pieces of information that I really needed and did not know where to find yet. That was exactly what I was looking for. What a meaningful coincidence! Is this how synchronicity plays out? I learned later that it was a very rare event to meet the mother and the two daughters together, since one of them lives in São Paulo and was just visiting her mom and the other one is usually very busy.

If things had worked out as I had planned, I would probably not have met Celia and had that incredible lunch time together with her daughters! Lesson learnt: If things have not worked out as you planned, there might be better plans for you!


Não sou vegetariana, mas recomendo um prato vegetariano!

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