ana muenzner

Welcome! Quando o tema é a vida, o trabalho, o humano… ——– Bem-vinda(o)! When it is about life, work and humanity…

Hello world!

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This is a blog to share stories about the changes you and I want to see in the world. In the spirit of dialogue, any feedback, reflection, reference to reading material, and inputs on the content of the texts will be greatly appreciated.

Share your experiences and happy blogging!

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Dear Ana, I read your blog and want to express my appreciation on the piece, complete with frustrations as well as clear thinking. Don’t beat yourself up. I have learned from your blog and from tomorrow, (it is 10.45 pm now) I will try to get out of my mood of pessimism and treat emails and all people with greater courtesy and appreciation.
    Wish I were coming to Zambia too with Chris. Maybe you and Stefan should come to India.

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